Consistent Ball Position with Your Driver

The Advantages of Hybrid Golf Clubs Versus Long Irons

Hybrid golf clubs have become extremely popular in recent years for several reasons. If you are thinking about switching from your traditional long irons, you should receive several benefits. Rather than just stating that they’re better, however, here is some specific information regarding why you will more than likely be better off making a change.

Tips on Choosing Ladies Golf Shoes

For women players, choosing the right ladies golf shoes are very important to their overall game. Make sure that you take your time and explore all your options before making your final decision.

How a Golf Range Finder Works

If you are tired of searching in vain for the nearest yardage marker, you may be interested in purchasing a golf range finder. Here’s some information on the different types of devices so that you can decide on the one that is right for you.

Used Golf Carts – Not Just for Golfers

Used golf carts are useful not only for avid golfers but also for those needing to get around large areas without walking. If you’re in the market for one of these convenient vehicles, stop and consider some important details first.

The Proper Use of Golf Carts on the Course

Beginning golfers are usually so concerned with correctly hitting the ball that they rarely concern themselves with proper etiquette when it comes to using golf carts. They can cause a lot of consternation among veteran players, and this can lead to some potentially tense situations. By taking a few simple precautions, however, you can avoid embarrassment if you’re new to the links.

How To Have A Pleasant And Safe Transaction When You Buy Golf Gifts For Men Online

Buying golf gifts for men online can be quite daunting especially for first time online purchasers. Because of the widespread hacking and phishing incidents all around the Internet, you might feel like buying anything online is quite hazardous. But this does not have to be the case when you make purchases online.

Tips About Buying Golf Gifts For Men Online

Buying golf gifts for men online is much more convenient. Thus, many people opt to just browse the Internet and go to online stores to buy what they need and just wait for a few days of their purchase to arrive at their doorstep. One more thing which makes online shopping for gifts beneficial is the discounts that you can get from discount coupon codes, promos and deals.

Some of the Less-Known Roles of a Golf Caddie

Professional sports players become champions not just because of their innate talent and greats skills. They achieve success in their chosen sport because of the person who provides assistance and support every time they play. In golf, this person is called a caddie. A caddie provides insightful advice and moral support to the player he assists so he can perform better on the golf course.

Tips On How To Save Money When Purchasing Golf Gifts For Men

Golf gifts for men are a great present and token of appreciation for your loved ones because they can help you show your appreciation of the person and also of the hobby they have chosen. But showing appreciation and love doesn’t have to be expensive. That’s a typical misconception you need to forget.

Does Your Golf Swing Have A Manual Or Automatic Transmission

I teach thousands of golfers annually, and have noticed that a high percentage of them segment their swing as if they were driving a stick shift manual transmission in a car. Some unfortunately forget to use the clutch and slam the gears together grinding them as they proceed through the swing motion. The secret to a smooth and blending together of movements can be compared to a smooth shifting of gears in a cars automatic transmission.

What Do the Greatest Putters of All Time Have in Common?

If we are willing to pay the price for new equipment, technology can certainly get us over many obstacles with our long game. I know from personal experience that exchanging long irons for hybrids and upgrading my driver and fairway woods (obviously not woods), I could reduce my handicap without a corresponding improvement in my swing. But when it comes to the short game and especially putting, technology isn’t going to bail us out so easily.

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