At what distance is a Tour Pro as likely to 3-putt as to make the putt?

Choosing Golf Apparel for Your New Hobby

Choosing golf apparel is something that could be a lot of fun. If you have ever watched the sport, you know that there can be a lot of variety.

Explore Different Golf Courses and Make New Acquaintances

Even if you have a favorite spot where you like to swing your clubs, don’t forget to find other golf courses to play at. It doesn’t matter where you live or if you are on vacation, the change in scenery will do you good.

Three Examples Of Golf Clubs For Beginners

Buying a set of golf clubs for beginners and becoming familiar with them is the best thing you can do to improve your golf game, especially early on when developing basic skills and techniques is the key focus. The many advantages gained by owning a set of golf clubs for beginners is well worth the investment. A few rounds to get familiar with them and you will realize that knowing what to expect from your clubs will accelerate your learning and make the whole experience much more enjoyable.

Helpful Tips For Those Who Are Just Starting Out In Golf

Golf is a enjoyable way to get fit and healthy. Your goal in golf is to propel the ball into a series of holes with as few strokes as possible by using various kinds of wood or iron-tipped golf clubs. If you want to learn this sport, here are some golfing tips for beginners.

What I Learned About and From Home Putting Greens – Part 2

In Part One the author discusses his lifelong use of a home putting green in becoming a skilled putter and significantly lowering his handicap. Here in Part 2, the author discusses in detail the technique he developed as a result of decades of practice, mostly at home.

The 2013 Open – Muirfield

The 2013 Open – Muirfield From July 18th through July 21st, the eyes of the golf world will once again be turned to Muirfield. This historic course, located in Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland, will be hosting its 15th Open Championship, and its first since 2002.

The Benefits You Can Get From Playing Golf

A lot of people play golf. You just need to think about the number of golf courses in every city to understand how popular this activity is. The sport’s popularity is because of many benefits.

Maximize Your Golf Performance And Scoring Potential

The old saying “digging it out of the dirt” is a misleading and mostly inefficient way of developing better swing technique and improving your golf game. Developing good knowledge and sound mind control will both save you shots immediately and allow you to accelerate your learning over all the range ball bashers. Quality of practice and engaging your mind properly in the practice is vastly superior to quantity of balls hit.

My Journey To Becoming A Black Belt Golfer

How I overcame challenges to develop a winning golf mindset. This is part one in a series of articles that demonstrates, through my own life story, that the only things that matter in our lives are our desire and our mindset.

Reasons to Wear Golf Gloves

Many players find golf gloves to be immensely helpful in protecting the skin on their hands. These hand coverings can also help golfers improve their game by giving them a better grip.

Atypical Golf Regulations Which You Perhaps Never Witness

Possibly what defines any game really great will be the virtually countless array of circumstances you will see over the course of watching the sport after some time. I’ve witnessed baseball for over fifty years, and I marvel in the number of times I see an issue that I’d never seen before on any baseball field. Just the most multifaceted games offer so many variables. And consequently it will be for golf.

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